CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I)

Learn Module A & B of Advanced Bank Management Paper of CAIIB Examination conducted by IIBA

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Welcome to this course on CAIIB Advanced Bank Management (Part I)
This course covers only one part of the paper Advanced Bank Management.
This course will give you insight into
Module A
a) Introduction to Economics
b) Economic Laws and Anlaysis
c) Business Economics
d) Different Markets and Price Determination
e) Budget and Budget Line
f) Elasticity of Demand
g) Cost and Revenue
h) Indian Economy
Module B
i) Time Value of Money
j) Discounted Cash Flow Techniques
k) NPV
l) Time Series
m) Mean / Median and Mode
n) Standard Deviation / Dispersion
o) Correlation
p) Regression
q) Linear Programming
r) Simulation
Only the topics mentioned above are discussed in this course.
This course is structured in self paced learning style.
Screen cast video lectures, hand writing notes on digital board are used in this lecture. This course is ideal for CAIIB Aspirants as it focuses on CAIIB Exam only.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Economics
Wealth and Welfare Definition of Economics
Economics Scarcity Definition
Economics Growth Definition
Micro Economics
Macro Economics
Methods of Economic Analysis
Economic Laws
Human Wants
Charecteristics of Wants Part I
Charecteristics of Want Part II
Classification of Wants
Significance of Classification of Want
Utility - Total Utility and Marginal Utility
Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility
Importance of Law of DMU
Criticism of Law of DMU
Law of Equi Marginal Utility
20 Limitations of Law of EMU
Economic Theory and Business Practices
Decision Making in Business
Fundamental concepts in Decison Making followed by Incremental Concept
Incremental and Marginal Concepts
Classification of Markets
Types of Market Struture
Total Revenure, Average Revenue and Marginal Revenue
Determination of Prices in Open Market
Increase in Demand and new Equilibrium Point
Decrease in Demand and new Equilibrium Point
Features of Perfect Market
Price determination in perfect market
Why Total Revenue Curve of a price taking firm is an Upward Sloping Straight Lin
What is the relation between Market Price, AR and MR of Price taking firm?
What is Market Equilibrium?
When do we say there is excess demand for commodity?
When do we say there is excess SUPPLY for commodity?
What will happen if Market Price greater or less than Equilibrium Price?
How price is determined in a perfectly competitive market?
How equilibrium price and quanity affected due to change in Income?
How increase in price of shoe affect sales of socks?
How change in price of coffee affects sales of tea?
How change in price of inputs affect equilibrium?
Effect of Rightward shift in Demand and Supply Curve on Equilibrium Price and Qu
Prefect Competion Pure Competition
why firms in Perfect Competion are Price taker?
Effect on equilibrium Price
what is Monopoly
Feratures of Monopoly
Different ways of Creating monopoly
Monopolistic Competition & its Features
Budget Set and Budget line
How to draw Budget line
Price Elasticity of Demand
Impact on Demand for Change in Price
Determinants of Price Elasticity of Demand
Different type of Price Elasticity of Demand
Total Expenditure Method
Geometric or Point Method
Percentage or Proportionate Method
Cost and Cost function
Money cost and Real Cost
Opportunity Cost, accounting & Economic Cost
Private Cost Social cost
Fixed cost and variable Cost
Short run Average Cost Curve
Marginal Cost
Indian Economy- Under Developed Economy?
Indian Economy - Developing Economy?
Indian Economy - Mixed Economy?
Role of Agriculture in India
Time Value of Money - Intro through Talking Head Video
Introduction to Time Value of Money
Simple Interest
Simple Interest Example
Compounding Effect
Typical Compounding
Compounding Computation
Compound Interest Example
Monthly Compounding Example
Problem Compounding1
Problem Compounding2
Compound value and compound interest case study (Excel)
Future Value of Single Amount
Future Value of Fixed Cash Flows (Annuity)
Problem FVIFA
Doubling Period
Present Value of Amount
Example for Present Value
Case Study 1 on Present Value
Case study 2 on Present Value (Excel)
Case Study 3 on Present Value
Case Study 4 Present Value
Present Value of Fixed Cash Flows (Annuity)
Tables and PVIFA
Case Study 1 Present Value of Annuity
Case Study 2 Present Value of Annuity
Case Study 3 Present Value of Annuity
Equal Annual Installment(Excel)
Problem EMI
Perpetuity and a small case study
Capital Budgeting Process
Project Cash Flows
Types of Capital Investment Decisions
Principles for Measuirng Project Cash Flows
Problems on Meauring cash flows
Problem Measuring Cash Flows
Cashflow computation
Cash Flow Perspective
NPV Technique
Advantages and Disadvantages of NPV
Case Study 1 NPV
Problem NPV Ranking
Problem NPV (Cash Flows Derivation)
NPV Case Study
Problem NPV of Different Projects
NPV Incremental Discount Rate Case Study
Problem NPV and Capital Rationing
New Case Study on NPV
NPV Case Study on Tax Savings
NPV Case Study 2 on Tax Savings
NPV Case Study (opportunity Cost)
NPV Case Study (Projects with different life period)
Time Series introduction
Componets of Time Series
Graphical Method
Semi Average Method of Time Series
Introduction Measures of Central Tendency
Median case study
Median Discrete Frequency Distribution
Case Study Median Discrete Frequency Distribution
Median Continuous Freqnuency Distribution
Median Continuous Frequency Distribution Exclusive Class Intervals
Median Graphics
Quartile Raw or Ungrouped Data
Quartile Discrete Series
Quartile Continuous Series Explanation
Quartile Continuous Series Case Study
Decile for Grouped Data Case Study
Percentile Grouped Data Case Study
Mode for Grouped Data
Mode for Continuous Frequency Distribution Case Study
Mode for Continuous Frequency Distribution Case Study
Arithmetic Mean
Arithmetic Mean Short cut method
Objectives of Measures of Dispersion
Expression of Dispersion
Important measures of dispersion
Quarrtile Deviation
Case Study #1Quartile deviation
Case Study #2 Quarlite Deviation
Quartlie Deviation Continuous Frequency Distribution
Case Sudy Quartile Deviation Continuous Frequency Distribution
What is Standard Deviation
Variance and Coefficient of Variation
Procedure for Calculating Standard Deviation in Individual Series
Case#1 Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation Alternate formula
Case #2 Coefficient of Variation
Case#3 Standard Deviation
Case#4 Standard Deviation
Case#5 Standard Deviation
Standard Deviation in case of discrete frequency distribution
Case #6 Standard Deviation Discrete Frequency Distribution
Standard Deviation in case of Continuous frequency distribution
Case #7 Standard Deviation Continuous Frequency Distribution
Scatter Diagram
Types of correlation
Correlation computation
Case study 1 correlation
Case Study 2 correlation
Case Study 3 correlation
Correlation grouped data
Rank correlation
Rank Correlation in case of tie of ranks
Regression Analysis Introduction
Types of Regression
Methods of Regression Analysis
Graphic Methods Regression Analysis
Regression Lines
Linear Regression Equation
Algebric Method of Regression Equation
Regression Equation Case Study 1
Regression Coefficient Explanation
Regression Coefficient Case Study 2
Introduction to LPP
Graphic Method
Maximise Problem 1 - LPP Using Graphical Method
Maximise Problem 2 - LPP Using Graphical Method
Maximise Problem 3 - LPP Using Graphical Method
Maximise Problem 4 - LPP Using Graphical Method
Simplex Method Problem
Simplex Method Introduction
Simulation Introduction
Simulation eg
Simulation steps
Case Study Simulation

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I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice. During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Viability Study, Evaluating business models, Project Finance, Working Capital Management, etc.

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