Basics of Indian Companies Act 2013

A Course on Introductory Part of Indian Companies Act 2013

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Welcome to this course on Basics of Indian Companies Act 2013.

The Company Law in India witnessed massive change with the enactment of new act called Companies Act 2013. Knowledge of Companies Act and its provisions are very important for every student taking up professional courses like CA / CMA / CS and also for Finance, Accounting and Secretarial

Professionals within India.

This course will take you through the Introductory part of the Companies Act and it will cover concepts like

a) What is Company?

b) Classification of Companies

c) Registration of Companies

d) Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association

e) Alteration of Articles

f) Prospectus

j) Share and Share Capital

k) Meetings and Proceedings

This course is purely based on Company law prevailing in India. Hence, this is not the right course for students from other countries.

This course is structured in self paced learning style. Screen cast model lectures with writings and explanations are used for teaching the provisions and
concepts of the act.

The course is in its beginning stages only (as on 21st April 2017). It will take months together to upload all the contents in this course as Companies Act
is a detailed and comprehensive act.

This course will throw lots of practical examples to understand the various provisions of the act and it will help you to prepare for India based
Professional Exams like CA / CMA / CS / B.Com / B.L., etc.

Listen to this course with your headset connected to your device, alongside with note pad / word application to note down the important case laws and
relevant sections.

Wish you a happy learning.

Course Curriculum

Welcome Lecture and Introduction to Companies Act 2013
What is Company?
Seperate legal entity of company?
Lifting of corporate Veil
Classes of Companies
Classification of Companies on the basis of Liability
One Person Company
Private Company
Comparison between OPC & Private Company
Small company
Public limited company
Holding and subsidiary companies
Example Holding and Subsidiary Relationship
Whether Subsidiary company can hold shares in holding company
Associate Company
Classification of companies on the basis of access to capital
Government Company
Foreign Company
Section 8 Company
Dormant Company
Nidhi Companies
Public Financial Institutions
Conversion of Public Company into Private Company
Conversion of Private Company into Public Company
When Companies must be registered?
Mode of Registration of Company
Procedure for Incorporating One Person Company
Incorporation of a Company
Order of Tribunal if Company is formed by furnishing false information
What is the effect of Registration of Company by RoC?
Effect of Memorandum and Articles
Commencement of Business
Registered Office of Company
Pre-Incorporation or Preliminary Contracts
Conversion of Company Limited by Gurantee into Company Limited by Shares
Memorandum of Association An Overview
Contents and Forms of Memorandum of Association
Reservation of Name for Companies
Alteration in Capital Clause of Memorandum
Examples for Alteration in Capital Clause of Memorandum
Registered Office of Company
Change in Registered Office from one jurisdiction of one RoC to another RoC
Provisions related to publication of Name of Company
Alteration of Articles
Conversion of OPC into Private / Public Companies
Conversion of a Private Company into One Person Company
Alteration in MoA & AoA to be noted in every copy
Rectification of Name of the Company (Sec 16)
Copies of Memorandum & Articles to be given to Members (Sec 17)
Conversion of Companies from One Class to another (Sec 18)
What is Doctrine of Ultra Vires?
Effects of Ultra Vires Transactions?
Doctrine of Constructive Notice
Doctrine of Indoor Management
Knowledge of Irregularity - Exception to Doctrine of Indoor Management
Negligence - Exception to Doctrine of Indoor Management
No knowledge of Articles - Exception to Doctrine of Indoor Management
Illegal transactions & Forgery - Exception to Doctrine of Indoor Management
Legal requirments of Name of Company (Sec 4 Companies Act 2013)
Legal requirments of Name of Company(Rule 8of Companies Incorporation Rules 20l4
Articles of Association and related provisions in Companies Act 2013
Articles of Association and related provisions in Companies (Incorporation) Rule
Companies Act overrides Memorandum and Articles
Provisions related to Alteration of Memorandum
Alteration of Name Clause in Memorandum
Alteration of Situational Clause in Memorandum
Alteration of Objects Clause in Memorandum
Provisions of Alteration of Memorandum in Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014
Introduction to Public Offer and Private Placement
Public Offer and Private Placement
What is the concept of Charge in Companies Act 2013?
Companies (Registration of Charges) Rules, 2014
Whether change in Bank Rate amounts to Modification of Charge?
Accounts of Companies - An introduction into provisions of Companies Act 2013
Provisions related to Books of Accounts under Companies Act 2013
Place of keeping Books of Accounts by Companies
Maintenance of Books of Accounts in Electronic Form by Companies and Companies act related rules
Maintenance of Books of Accounts of Branch Offices and related compliance
Inspection of Books of Accounts by Directors
Period of Maintenance of Books of Accounts by Companies
Person responsible for Maintenance of Books of Accounts

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