Banking Credit Analysis Process (for Bankers)

Course for Bankers, Consultants and managers to Understand Credit Analysis Process.

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THIS IS BEST LECTURE EXPLAINED IN SIMPLE METHOD WITH EXAMPLES FOR CREDIT PROFESSIONAL.Also it would def help on the job purpose as well.Would def recommend

Credit Analysis is the core process adopted by any Bank to understand, evaluate and appreciate about the Customers Identity, Integrity, Financial Position, - Repayment Capacity, Etc.
Every Banker should be through with Credit Analysis Process because day in day out they have to deal with new customers and before sanctioning any new loans to them, Banker should have made detailed study of their customers.
No Banker can raise to top unless he becomes conversant with Credit Analysis Process.
Bank would generally throw employees on to the job before they get opportunity to be trained. This is with more specific reference to Credit Analysis where Bankers should under detailed learning process, else their mistakes in the process will be Very Costly beyond their manageable Position.
Hence, this course will provide platform to Bankers to have fall back reference on the Critical Aspects of Credit Analysis Process, Banking/ Management Consultants can also use this course for the equipping themselves to the expectations of the Bankers while handling Credit Proposals.
This Course has been Structured in self paced Learning Style.
Learners can Learn Credit Analysis process at their own time, Convenience and place.
Materials used in this Course will enable the participants to understand credit Analysis Process with almost Clarity.

Course Curriculum

Why Credit Analysis Required
Know Your Customers
Know Customer Integrity
Know Performance Efficiency
Know Financial Position and ability to Pay Back
Know about Industry
Legal and Valuation of Securities
Why Past Loans Matter
Financial Statements
Income Statement and Balance Sheet
Financial Statement Making Process
Difference between Income, Liability, Expense and Assets
Sources and Uses of Funds
Profit and Cash
Structure of Balance Sheet
What is important in Reading Balance Sheet
Second Balance Sheet Reading Skill Understanding Liquidity Position
Third Balance Sheet Reading Skill - Performance Measurement
Introduction to Ratio Analysis (Talking Head)
Classification of Ratio (Talking Head)
Introduction to Liqudity Ratio (Talking Head)
Classification of Liqudity Ratio (Talking Head)
Current Ratio (Talking Head)
Quick Ratio (Talking Head)
Ideal Current Ratio and Quick Ratio (Talking Head)
Basic Absolute Liquid Ratio
Basic Defense interval Ratio (Talking Head)
Capital Structure Ratio (Equity Ratio)
Capital Structure Ratios (Debt Ratio)
Capital Structure Ratios (Debt to Equity Ratio)
Coverage Ratios (DSCR)
Interest Coverage Ratio
Preference Dividend Coverage Ratio
Capital Gearing Ratio
Capital Turnover Ratio
Activity Ratios
Fixed Assets Turnover Ratio
Total Assets Turnover Ratio
Working Capital Turnover Ratio
Inventory Turnover Ratio
Inventory Holding Level
Debtors Turnover Ratio
Average Collection Period
Creditors Turnover Ratio
Average Payment Period
General Profitability ratios
Gross Profit Ratio
Operating Ratio
Operating Profit Ratio
Expense Ratios
Net Profit Ratio
Overall Profitability Ratios
Return on Assets.mp4
Return on Capital Employed
Return on Share Holders Funds
Return on Equity Share Holders Funds
Earnings Per Share
Cash Flow Earnings
Dividend Per Share
Dividend Pay Out Ratio
Dividend Yield Ratio
Illustration on Return on Equity Share holders Funds
Fund Flow Analsyis Introduction
Fund Flow Analysis Example
Uses of Fund Flow Statement
Fund Flow Analysis Case Study 4
Fund Flow Statement Real Case
Cash Flow Introduction
Cash Flow Activities
Cash Flow Operating Activities
Cash Flow Investing Activity
Cash Flow Financing Activity
Types of Bank Loans for Business
Bank Loans for New Projects
Loans available in banking channel
Working Capital Loans
Cash Credit
Tandon Committee Recommendations on Working Capital Assessment
Working Capital Assessement as per Nayak Committee
Understanding Cash Credit
Cash Credit Example
Cash Credit
Assessment of Cash Credit - ABF Method
Assessment of Cash Credit - Conservative Method
Drawing Power Computation from Stock Statement
What and Why of Non Fund Based Credit Facilities?
Letter of Credit
LC Computation
What and Why of Non Fund Based Credit Facilities?
Letter of Credit
Parties involved in Letter of Credit
Documents involved in Letter of Credit
Types of Letter of Credit
General aspects related to LC
Assessment of Letter of Credit
What is Bank Guarantee?
Types of Bank Guarantees
Bank Guarantee
Types of Bank Guarantee
Advance Payment Guarantee
Appraisal and Assessement o BG Limits
What is Bid Bond Guarantee?
Maintenance bond / guarantee
What is Retention Money Guarantee?
What is Advance payment Guarantee?
Basics of Project Report
What is Project Viability
Project Viability - Case Study
Term Loan Appraisal By Banks
Term Loan - Nature of Project
Cost of Project and Means of Finance
Term Loan
DSCR Computation in Term Loan
FOIR Computation in Term Loan
Term Loan Eligibility Calculation
Why Business entities should go for Term Loan?
Cost of Project
Land Cost
Building Cost
Plant and Machinery Cost
Preliminary and Preoperative Expenses
Other Cost and Interest duirng Implementation
Provision for Contingency
Break Even Analysis
Break Even Point Example
Break Even Point Graph
Break Even Test by Bankers
Cash Break Even Analysis
Credit Rating Scale
Importance of Credit Rating Scale
Credit Scoring & Credit Score
What is Good Credit Score?
Factors affecting CIBIL Score
What is CIBIL?
How to improve Credit Score?
What is CIBIL Score?
Reasons for Poor Credit Score
Mistakes in Credit Scoring
How to correct your Credit Score?
Why Bankers reluctant to sanction Working Capital Facility?
Why Bankers are running after seeing this Balance Sheet?
Why Current Ratio of atleast 1.33 is insisted by Bankers?
What are Current Assets and Current Liability?
How Bankers Understand Long Term Stability of Business?
Return on Investment Case Study
Importance of Debt to Equity Ratio
Preference Share Capital
Why Banks are insisting on Margins on Loans
Why Banks insist on Financial Statements
How Sales analysis made by Banker
What & Why of MCLR
Calculation of MCLR
Misc. Items related to MCLR
Export Credit
Preshipment Credit
Assessment of Preshipment Credit
Introduction to Terms of Payment
Advance Payment
Documentary Credit
Parties in Documentary Credits
Details included in Letter of Credit
Practical Mechanism in Letter of Credit
Different Kinds of Letters of Credit
Introduction to Export Finance
Preshipment Finance - Packing Credit
Advance against Incentives
Preshipment Credit in Foreign Currency
Postshipment Finance
Negotiation of Export Documents under Letter of Credit
Purchase or Discount of Foreign Bills
Advance against bills sent on collection
Advance against goods sent on consignement
Advance against Export Incentives
Advance against undrawn balances and retrention money
Post shipment credit in Foreign Currency
CMA Introduction
CMA - Operating Statement
Capturing Past Data from Audited Financial Statements
Analysing Previous Years Income Statement
Analysing Previous Year Liability Statement
Analysing Previous Years Asset Statement
Classification of comp
Terms used
Adv and Disadv
Functions of CAS
Comp scope in banking
Why compl automation
Centralised Infra
Core bank and benefits
Tech architecture CBS
Flow of transaction
Information Security
Pwd Mgmt Policy
Functions of bank
Main functions of bank
Front off bacl off
Outsourcing activities
Oper Inst in Banks
Banking Oper Manual
Operational aspects of KYC Norms
KYC Norms - Customer Acceptance Policy
KYC Norms - Customer Identification Procedure
KYC Monitoring Transaction
KYC Risk Management
Selecting Additional information KYC
Norms for Periodic Updation of KYC
KYC Relaxatio
Customer Service in Banks
ATM Transactions
Recent Changes in customer Service - RBI
Technical Term
Technical Term 2
Priority Sector 3
Technical Term 4
Basic Rate
Fixed & Floating Rate
Penal Rate of Interest
Document of title to Goods & Bankers General Lien
Negativr lien , Restriction Advances, Rehabilitation & Recovery
Operational Process of loan in Banks
Methods for Assessment of loans
Accounting aspects of loan Products
Basic Operating Instructions on Loan Products
Operating Manual for C & A
Simple Operating Procedure
Documentation & Margin
Godown Pledged Accounts
Pledging of stocks
Unpledged Goods Stored in Pledged Goods Godown
Delivery of Stock Pledged
Submission of Stock Statements
Goods Hypothecated lying with Unhypothecated Goods
Inspection of Stock
Inspating official comment in SIR
Inspection Charge
What is Buyers Credit
Discontinuation of Letter of Undertaking / Letter of Comfort for Trade Finance
What is Stand By Letter of Credit?

CA N Raja Natarajan


I am a Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching.

I teach Financial Management & Strategic Financial Management for Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy and Company Secretary students in Ernakulam, India. I also hold Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune and Bachelors in Commerce, from Loyola College, Chennai.

I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice. During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Viability Study, Evaluating business models, Project Finance, Working Capital Management, etc.

I conduct work shops for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountancy / Cost and Management Accountancy Students on the topics like Project Finance, Credit Risk Assessment, Entrepreneurship Development, Finance for Non Finance Executives, etc.

I love teaching and i want fundamentals of accounting and finance to reach students and so i am here.