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1. Accounting Basics in 66 Minutes ( for beginners)
2.Online Course on Journalising Process in Accounting
3.Online Course on Ledger and Subsidiary Books in Accounting
4.Online Course on Bank Reconciliation Statement
5.Online Course on Rectification of Errors in Accounting
6.Online Course on Trial Balance in Accounting
7.Online Course on Final Accounts of Sole Proprietors
8.Online Course Final Accounts of Small Business Entities
9.Online Course on Accounts from Incomplete Records
10.Online Course on Accounting for Partnership
11.Online Course on Amalgamation Accounting
12.Online Course on Advanced Partnership Accounting
13.Online Course on Inventory Valuation
14.Online Course on Accounting for Construction Contract
15.Online Course on Accounting for Bills of Exchange
16.Online Course on Account Current
17.Online Course on Accounting for Joint Venture
18.Online Course on Consignment Accounting
19.Online Course on Departmental Accounting
20.Online Course on Branch Accounting
21.Online Course on AS 2 Valuation of Inventory
22.Online Course on AS 4 Contingencies & Events occuring after Balance Sheet Date
23.Online Course on AS 9 Revenue Recognition
24.Online Course on AS 10 Property,Plant & Equipment
25.Online Course on AS 11 The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
26.Online Course on AS 12 Accounting for Government Grants
27.Online Course on AS 16 Borrowings Cost
28.Online Course on AS 17 Segment Reporting
29.Learn Deferred Taxes through Case Studies
30.Online Course on Valuation
31.Online Course Consolidated Financial Statements
32.Online Course on Working Capital Management
33.Online Course on Capital Budgeting
34.Online Course on Capital Structuring Decision
35.Online Course on Cost of Capital
36.Online Course on Fund Flow Analysis
37.Online Course on Cash Flow Analysis
38.Online Course on Financial Ratio Analysis
39.Online Course on Tax on Capital Gains
40.Online Course on Tax on Income from Profit & Gains of Business / Profession
41.Online Course Tax on Income from House Property
42.Online Course on Tax on Income from Salary
43.Online Course on Basics of Costing
44.Online Course on Material Costing
45.Online Course on Labour Costing
46.Online Course on Overheads Costing
47.Online Course on Standard Costing
48.Online Course on Marginal Costing
49.Online Course on Job Costing and Batch Costing
50.Online Course on Decision making using Cost Concepts and CVP Analysis
51.Online Course on Basics of Forex Management
52.Online Course on Advanced Capital Budgeting Techniques
53.Online Course on Working Capital Credit Facilities
54.Online Course on Term Loan Appraisal
55.Online Course on Analysis of Performance and Financial Indicators

Intended Audience: Students, Professionals, Working Executives

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CA N Raja Natarajan


I am a Chartered Accountant with tonnes of passion for teaching.

I teach Financial Management & Strategic Financial Management for Chartered Accountancy, Cost and Management Accountancy and Company Secretary students in Ernakulam, India. I also hold Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in Finance from Symbiosis, Pune and Bachelors in Commerce, from Loyola College, Chennai.

I worked in State Bank of India as Assistant Vice President - Credit for a period of four years after which i started my Chartered Accountancy Practice. During the stint in State Bank of India, I worked on credit proposals of Mid Corporate Units and gained good experience in Financial Analysis, Risk Assessment, Viability Study, Evaluating business models, Project Finance, Working Capital Management, etc.

I conduct work shops for Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountancy / Cost and Management Accountancy Students on the topics like Project Finance, Credit Risk Assessment, Entrepreneurship Development, Finance for Non Finance Executives, etc.

I love teaching and i want fundamentals of accounting and finance to reach students and so i am here.